CodeByZ has helped clients of different sizes and industries reach their business goals by providing them with the software solutions they needed. Here is what a few of our clients have to say about us:
“Zacky was our special go-to person when it came to complex and ambitious projects. His uncompromised professional approach, dedication, continuous striving for excellence and attention to detail has yielded a long series of successful software project implementations.”
Ronen Assia, Founder,
“…He is fluent in WordPress, has a good eye for design and is very responsible. If ever there was an emergency, Zacky was always on call at any time of the night to fix the situation. I highly recommend Zacky, he is trustworthy, fair, and accessible.”
Sharon Perlstein, Director & Business Development at EZBOB
“I can best describe Zacky as a ‘Swiss army knife’ of software development. His profound software development abilities, combined [with] his product-side view and zero time learning curve, allow him to provide not only a fast working solution, but more importantly, the right solution for the problem at hand. I definitely recommend hiring Zacky for any software project.”
Sharon Ezra, CEO and Co-Founder at E4D Group
“Zacky designed and developed a software for our company’s need with great detail, efficiency and professionalism. He demonstrated a high degree of expertise and his contribution in understanding and thinking about the requirements was impressive. Zacky is extremely enthusiastic about his work, he is committed to the deadlines agreed upon and his deep understanding of commercial and technical needs make him the perfect contractor for any stage of development.”
Tsahi Levy, Co-Founder at Numgames
“… It is his ability to combine management skills and personal ability… carving the grand strategy while at the same time being a great coder, diving into small details, making small perfections and tweaking those hidden nuances of a software that makes his service not just good, but top-notch.”
Lior Alkalay, Founder, Capitario
“I have hired Zacky for several times in the last few years, on multiple projects, from back-end development, website development and also a mobile app development. In all these projects Zacky over-performed and at the end I was delighted. He is someone that truly cares about what he does and the quality of his work, and this shows every time. I will continue to work with him any opportunity I get.”
Nimrod Kaplan, Experienced CTO and VP R&D
“Zacky is the special ingredient you need to have in any successful project. He is highly focused, very efficient and proactive. He takes nothing for granted and constantly seeks the best possible and cost-effective solution…. Bottom line, products that Zacky is involved in end up in the highest quality and with lower over[all] cost.”
Hadas Beery, Senior HR –Change Management Specialist
“I had great pleasure working with Zacky… [he] had to make sure everything was working at all times, which is exactly what he did, and always with a smile. Zacky is precise, attentive, always available and 100% dependable. I would hire his services again any day.”
Ernan Culang, Entrepreneur
“Zacky is a problem solver. He took care of everything down to the very last details. Taking Zacky as a sub-contractor for the job was a very good decision we’ve taken and we’ll certainly turn back to him regarding new projects.”
Raanan Altagar, CEO & Co-Founder DataForce Ltd.
“Zacky has proved he is a real professional, able to understand and define complex, multidisciplinary systems and solve various problems encountered throughout the development cycle … with no delays or compromise! … He is the kind of person for whom there is no ‘impossible’ and will do anything to complete any task in perfection. If you are looking for a developer who can deliver impossible tasks, Zacky is your man.”
Ariel Shiran, Director of Product and Projects Management at Conduit