About the Course

The barrier of entering the web development industry as a web developer is getting increasingly complex, as requirements and technologies shift with the dynamic nature of the whole industry.

Gone are the days when a developer was required to only know one programming language or some very specific tools. Today’s developers must be familiar and know how to use a large range of technologies across multiple platforms in order to do good work and be competitive for their workplace’s sake but also for themselves.

Keeping up and staying current with all the recent technologies, knowing what’s important to focus on and what’s not, and sucking in a whole lot of new information and sometimes completely new concepts is very challenging and difficult.

Our target is to give participants a knowledge boost in a most intensive, fun and effective manner possible, and all throughout the course students will be immediately practicing the materials learned with hands-on exercises to ensure it really sinks in.

We will cover key technologies, languages, tools, processes, techniques and best practices, in an extremely intensive manner. By the end of the course, participants will be familiar with the latest and greatest in the world of web development, highly effective and competitive.

Target Audience

  • Experienced software developers wanting to stay current and relevant in today’s competitive and challenging technological landscape.
  • New developers fresh in the industry that need that leverage to get them across interviews and grab that dream development position.
  • R&D Managers who need better understanding of today’s development practices, processes and technologies as means for making better managerial decisions and for better manage their development teams.


MODULE 1 – Web UI Basics – Step Up [1 day]

  • HTML, HTML-5
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Responsive, mobile first
  • Web components & frameworks

MODULE 2 – JavaScript – Language of the Web [2 days]

  • JavaScript 101 crash
  • jQuery & Ajax
  • Common libraries
  • Bower package manager

MODULE 3 – Web Application Frameworks – the Web Engines [1 day]

  • Frameworks review
  • Laravel in depth
  • Routing
  • Controllers
  • Views
  • Resources, web/REST API
  • Scaffolding

MODULE 4 – Angular.js Essentials [1 day]

  • Introduction
  • Angular basics
  • The MVC architecture
  • Form validation
  • Writing services
  • Writing directives
  • Best practices & pitfalls

MODULE 5 – Node.js  [1 day]

  • Introduction
  • NPM package manager
  • js Basics
  • The event loop
  • Data store access
  • socket.io
  • The Express framework
  • Core utilities

MODULE 6 – Automation & Testing  [1 day]

  • Grunt & Gulp
  • Minification & obfuscation
  • Yeoman
  • Introduction to TDD
  • Karma
  • Protractor