Mobile applications are an integral part of almost any software project today, whether it is a mobile app, back-end administrative tool, or mobile front-end for a website.

When it comes to mobile development, it’s usually not enough to just know a little mobile programming and some graphics and create an application or mobile site. There are other aspects that must not be overlooked and that have big implications on the end product, its true cost and efficiency, and its capacity to meet the client’s real business needs.

Mobile Applications

CodeByZ creates mobile applications that are based on concrete software engineering. This means that your application will be maintainable and scalable over time, and its back-end servers (which are in most cases required) and the communication with the server(s) are correctly and efficiently programmed. CodeByZ covers all the important technical aspects of mobile applications saving you headaches, increasing your business’ true value, and minimizing your overall solution cost. Mobile development by CodeByZ is a smart investment in your business.

Mobile Websites

We develop native mobile applications for Android and iOD mobile devices, as well as cross-platform (hybrid) mobile applications that can run on any mobile device, taking advantage of modern technologies like Angular.js, HTML/5, CSS3 and Ionic. Depending on your needs, we can not only design and provide you with the mobile application itself, but also with the entire back-end systems that support it and deliver its logic or content.