As part of any project carried out by CodeByZ, large or small, we complement our service as required by providing a proper software architecture as well as product side aspects that we believe could enhance our client’s end solution and make it more efficient, usable and cost-effective.

Sometimes, however, clients require these services as a stand-alone professional service from us, for example, in cases where the client already has an in-house development team and simply needs proper architecture design and perhaps project management assistance. Or a start-up looking for an investment and requiring product documentation (MRDs, PRDs).

CodeByZ’s extensive experience and 360-degree perspective enables us to provide these stand-alone services to clients in cases like these.

We offer the following consultancy services:

Architecture Design

Given client requirements, we provide a detailed software system architecture to meet the needs of the client software project. As in any service we provide, we first start by thoroughly collecting all client requirements, either written or verbal, ask the client for any additional information we believe is relevant and would have an implication on the architecture, and formalize the information into well-documented and detailed architecture design.

The end delivery is a straight-to-the-point documentation set that includes all details, diagrams, calculations and recommendations for implementation.

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Product Management

Well-thought-out, planned product design documentation is an imperative step in any successful software project. Unfortunately, it is also a step that many skip. In 99% of cases, there is a price paid for skipping it — the solution proves inadequate to meet the required business needs and the software must be fixed to make it work correctly. This incurs additional costs, prolongs the time to market, and can produce other unwanted side effects. We’ve seen it happen too many times.

CodeByZ helps clients by preparing proper product documentation that leads to first time right software projects, as we call them.

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Project Management

Successfully leading and managing software projects, especially ones in which more than one professional is involved, requires technical knowledge, management and communication skills.

At CodeByZ, we have more than 26 years of experience managing complex projects carried out by multiple professionals, either on the client premises or remotely and in distributed locations.

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