Our promise to you: We get it right the first time

CodeByZ is a team of software solution experts who make the one promise that counts most: We deliver our clients a first time right working solution. That is a big promise and we stand firmly behind it.

We provide our clients with full-service solutions that are complete, robust and of uncompromised quality. We address your actual needs, totally relieving you of having to worry about the technical details. Our clients know that our unique CodeByZ signature means true peace of mind.

CodeByZ was founded by Zacky Pickholz, who has earned master’s degrees in both engineering and business administration and has single-handedly developed dozens of full-stack, cutting-edge software solutions to clients for more than 16 years, applying his education, expertise and passion for perfectly engineered software systems.

Over time, we have carefully picked seasoned software professionals to join our team. All our team members share our philosophy of quality, client orientation, perfection and enthusiasm for what we are proud to do.

Whether you need a complex back-office business automations solution, a content-management-based website or portal, a mobile application or a tailored software system of any scale, CodeByZ is simply a smart solution.

With a well-designed and developed software system or web site, your products and services and unique business applications can generate more sales, leverage your brand, or strengthen your web presence. By working with CodeByZ, you will have a fully functional system that is a true expression of who your organization or company is, resulting in multiple positive effects.

We must conclude with a fair warning: Working with CodeByZ is addictive. We have seen more than a few cases where clients who received our quality software deliveries and services and were exposed to our professional working methodologies have continued to acquire our services and could not leave us. Please keep this in mind.

We are CodeByZ, and we are true full-stack developers.

Yours truly,

Team Z

AmitWeb Expert
BoazAnalytics Expert